Learn About the Affordable Care Act

2013 Timeline

Affordable Care Act Changes in 2013

Insurance Reforms

The Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) will award grants to help establish non-profit health insurance companies.


  • Medicare Part D members will get discounts on their prescriptions while in the 'gap.'
    • 52.5% off brand-name drugs, and
    • 21% off generic drugs.
  • To improve care and reduce costs Medicare doctors will be paid a flat rate to treat an illness. This is instead of being paid for every test and service they do for that illness.


  • State Medicaid programs that cover preventive services at little or no cost will get more federal funds. The goal is to increase the number of people who get preventive care.
  • States must pay Medicaid primary care providers at least as much as Medicare providers. The federal government will pay the increase. The goal is to make sure there are enough doctors to care for the larger number of people on Medicaid.


  • States will get two more years of funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). CHIP provides insurance to low-income children who do not qualify for Medicaid.

Quality Improvement

  • Providers must tell you in writing if they will make money from a drug or treatment they recommend to you. This includes:
    • Doctors
    • Hospitals
    • Pharmacists
    • Other health care providers
    • Those who make and distribute medical supplies

Tax Changes

  • Contributions to a flexible spending account will be limited to $2,500 per year. This will increase every year based on changes in cost-of-living.
  • Medicare taxes for high income earners ($200,000 single/$250,000 couple) will increase to 2.35% from 1.45%.
  • High income earners ($200,00 single/$250,000 couple) will have a 3.8% assessment on unearned income.