Learn About the Affordable Care Act

2015 and on

Affordable Care Act Changes in 2015-2018


  • Beginning in 2015, Medicare payments will be reduced to hospitals with high rates of hospital acquired conditions (HAC). This is when a patient needs more care due to something that could be prevented. Examples are:
    • A patient gets a new infection due to unclean facilities or bad care,
    • An object being left inside a person during surgery.

Tax Changes

  • Beginning in 2018, insurers will be taxed if the value of their employer-sponsored health plans:
    • Exceeds $10,200 for individual coverage
    • Exceeds $27,500 for family coverage


  • By 2015, all exchanges must be self-sustaining. They can charge insurers fees to pay for operating expenses. But, they cannot use any money collected for:
    • Staff retreats
    • Promotional giveaways
    • Excessive executive salaries
    • Public education programs about changes to federal or state laws