Learn About the Affordable Care Act

What is a Health Insurance Exchange?

PDF Download: What is a Health Insurance Exchange? [En Española]

The US Department of Health and Human Services renamed the Exchanges and now refers to them as health insurance marketplaces.

To find out what type of Marketplace your state will have, click here. 

 Kentucky has launched it's marketplace's website.  For details about the Kentucky Insurance Marketplace, go to http://kynect.ky.gov/

Ohio and Indiana both have the federally facilitated marketplace.  The Marketplace and federal call center are now open. To research or purchase insurance for yourself, family or small business, go to https://www.healthcare.gov/

The Federal Marketplace has delayed the opening of the Small Business Marketplace until November 30, 2013. 

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio created a "Go To" page for information about the federal insurance marketplace.  For more detailed information, go to http://www.healthpolicyohio.org/resources/tools/marketplace-resource-page.php